Nox Values

Nox Wholesalers has been dressing African families since 1960, and is one of Johannesburg’s most recognized stores. Situated on the East side of Johannesburg central business district, offering a huge variety of fashion and essential items for men, women and children. Basically dressing “from head to toe” and many desirable household and lifestyle items. It is impossible to imagine a world without the concept of great discount retail companies such as Nox.

Other than our comprehensive clothing, footwear, luggage and linen ranges, our environment is recognized as a friendly, safe, and comfortable department store. Our customers are all part of the Nox family and are at “home” when they visit us from all over Africa and beyond.

With a large choice of merchandise from all over the world our “family” is encouraged to live life to the full with our exciting and attractive products. We ensure the quality, price and fashion ability for our family and guarantee to always provide the very best value for money. We cherish our shared experiences, celebrate life’s precious moments together and appreciate each other – just as family should.

We commit to giving people equal love and care no matter how big or small their contribution to our business. We look to succeed by building lasting friendships with our team at Nox as well as the families that visit us. We are constantly striving to make “dressing in style” or “dressing well” affordable and enjoyable to all.

Our team at Nox, share our passion to provide our family with the latest trends at the very best value for money and it is these combined values that have made it possible for us to continually grow over the past decades.

In our early years we were known for product that was sold to traders who would then sell onto their own customers, hence the name Wholesalers. For the last twenty-two years we have focused on the most affordable top quality product and brands available to us and we will continue to provide the most current ranges at the very best possible pricing.

The real way to experience Nox and our family is to walk into our business. Everyone is treated with the utmost respect and care. Should you be shopping for Sunday picnic fashions, a wedding, travel, new towels for your bathroom. You will find we are passionate about what we offer and understand that you work hard for your money and therefore our pricing has been carefully thought out to make sure you get the absolute best value for money possible. We value open, honest, and respectful communication and every one of us is available daily to learn and experience together. This courtesy is available to everyone from customers to coworkers.

You can trust that we want you to leave with a big smile on your face after finding a product that meets all your required expectations of quality, style and price.

Each member of our family is passionate and happy to go out of their way to find your exact product (style, quality and price) or one similar that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our selection of product offering is done extensively with every member involved in the choice and selection of our quality garments, footwear, linen and luggage.

We guarantee to make absolutely certain that if you buy from us, the item will be well made, in fashion, very fairly priced and you will enjoy it for a long time.

Nox family are very proud of our past and we are very passionate about a better retail future for our customer families and all our people associated with us.
To do this we need to find an equilibrium of creativity, commitment, positive energy, great product, unbeatable value. We will succeed as we are 100% committed to doing it right!

We really care about who you are, what your journey is and how we can, together make it as enjoyable, healthy and successful as possible. As a young lady termed it, Nox is so “much more than fashion”

Thrilling our customers by understanding their passion for quality, style and the unique experience of shopping for quality products in downtown Johannesburg, we will endeavor to provide fresh and exciting new product on a daily basis and amaze and excite you whenever you find that special item that you have been searching for at our unbeatable prices.

Each year will bring about constant re-inventing of our product and we will give you world class service in our safe, welcoming and very well organized environment.

We believe we are stronger together and are greater than the sum of the individuals. (Ubunthu in Zulu) Teamwork, shared knowledge, skills and expertise across our entire family contribute to a rewarding and successful life for all of us.

If we can leave a positive and lasting impact on present and future people we encounter, then we consider our journey a success. Respect, integrity and support for all the extraordinary people that we meet. Our core focus being on the needs, desires and emotions of everyone in our environment.

“Our mission is to operate Nox as a dynamic store offering unbeatable value, fashionable and best quality branded products with continued exceptional customer experiences by always exceeding our more than fashion promise of people feeling they have somewhat bettered their lives by experiencing Nox. Everyone from customers to coworkers feels valued, welcome and cared for. ”

Join us in our continued journey of Nox being a very successful and valuable retail brand and experience.